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CraxsRat V6 - Android Rat Download | UnCracked

CraxsRat (Craxrat v6) is a remote administration tool (RAT) for Android devices that helps users in remotely managing and controlling their devices from a Windows PC. It enables users to access and oversee various types of data on the device, including SMS, contacts, and installed applications & much more. Craxs V6 can infect Android mobile devices ranging from version 5 to 14. This uniqueness sets this version different from others. Additionally, this version of the RAT is "super FUD," meaning that it remains undetectable by any Android security system. It allows you to control a victim's device without their knowledge.

CraxsRat Version 6 Features :

CraxsRat V6 Special Features

• New Interface & Logo :

This version of CraxsRat comes with a totally new interface & new logo.

• CraxsRat - Apk Dropper:

1- Fud stub to hold the apk.

2- Helps bypass Android 13 Accessibility restrictions.

3- Self-hides after dropping the payload.

The stub of the payload will be fully FUD so you can monitor the victims for a long time. Android 13 comes with a new security patch that restricts malicious apps to get accessibility & admin permissions but CraxsRat will also bypass these restrictions. Also dropper will hide Apk totally after getting the main payload downloaded on Android mobile.

• CraxsRat V6 - Apps Monitor:

1- Monitor selected apps.

2- Record Entry and Exit times.

3- Receive alerts and take screenshots (Skiltons) for later review.

Now CraxsRat Rat will automatically monitor your selected apps like their opening time their closing time & also try to take screenshots from time to time.

• New Tool - Send Notification:

1- Send notifications to the phone.

2- Add actions to notifications

CraxRat V6 can now send popup notifications with actions. This means you can send a simple popup notification or assign an action like when the user clicks it will open a specific app or website in the browser.

• New Tool - Firewall:

1- Cut off internet access for any app.

2- Don't effect the internet speed.

3- Help connection last longer.

Firewall that can totally block the internet of a specific app of Android mobile. This will help craxsrat to monitor for a long time & this will also not affect the internet speed in victims' mobile phones.

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• New Automated Permissions for Oppo & Xiaomi + New Language Support:

1- Automatically grant Battery & Background permissions.

2- Supported languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian., Spanish

Now craxsRat v6 can also automatically grant permissions for battery background usage in the oppo and Xiaomi phones. CraxsRat now also supports a lot of languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Russian & lot more.

CraxsRat Main Features

File Manager: Users are able to upload and download files, safely delete files, view files in a thumbnail or gallery view, conduct advanced searches, copy and paste files, decrypt and decode data, hide or unhide files, and change the wallpaper using the file manager.

Location: enables the user to follow the device's real-time location.

Live Screen Control: Allows for real-time screen viewing, VNC remote control, keyboard input, screen locking and unlocking, and hidden snapshots.

Call Manager: This tool enables users to view a list of incoming and outgoing calls as well as delete calls.

Send SMS: This feature enables users to send SMS messages to a number of different recipients, import a list of recipients from a file, and send messages to all of their contacts.

Application Manager: The user can look over a list of installed applications, launch applications, remove applications, and activate or disable applications using the craxsrat's application manager.

Keylogger: This feature enables the user to log every keystroke made on the device, including the PIN used to unlock it.

CraxsRat's SMS Manager Users can access and delete SMS messages using the SMS Manager.

Extra: Gives users access to call numbers, download Android applications from links, show messages on screens, access the clipboard, open links, execute commands, steal email and social media accounts, and steal 2FA tokens.

Permission: The user can verify the rights given to installed apps, request new permissions, enable accessibility features, and draw on other apps using the permissions manager.

Account Manager: The user can view the email or phone number connected to each installed app using the Account Manager feature.

Auto Clicker: The Auto Clicker feature enables users to capture and playback other users' screen touches.

Web browser: Enables browsing of websites, viewing of HTML source code, and clicking on links.

Injection in other apps: This functionality enables the user to quietly manage other programs, behave as a genuine app, ask for accessibility capabilities, stop the app from being destroyed or deleted, support screen wake-up, support permissions management, support screen captures, support lock screen, and re-encrypt the APK.

Admin Permissions: Requesting admin permissions, locking the screen, and wiping data are all possible when you have admin access.

Camera Remote Control: Photographs can be taken, screenshots can be taken, and the front or back camera can be opened.

Keyboard Manager (beta): Offers multiple language support, the ability to replace the device's keyboard with a custom keyboard, and the ability to record all keystrokes made by the victim.

Self Destruction: Allows the user to completely delete the malware and all of its data.

MicroPhone Tool: The user can listen to, speak into, and record sounds via the device's microphone using the microphone recording feature.

Notification Listener: The user can view and save all alerts received on the device using the notification listener.

Call Listener: This feature enables users to observe and capture all incoming and outgoing calls on their device.

Screen Listener: With the help of a screen reader, a user is able to get around some apps' black screens, add a logo window for quick text copying, get around the Google Authenticator app, and test out a secret phrase on their trust wallet.

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